SuperNats XXIII


2020 Winter Series


2020 Pro Tour


PKC California


PKC Texas

2020 TBA

Great Lakes PKC

2020 TBA


WED-SUN - 6:30 AM

supernationals 23 November 20-24, 2019
Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino
3700 W. Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, NV 89103
(866) 746-7671
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Packages and Shipments
Clark County Fire Regulations

Event Bulletin

  • 11/20 3:20 PM - RACE CONTROL UPDATES REGARDING QUAL GROUPS and MICRO/MINI QUAL GRIDDING- As mentioned in the SKUSA App Alerts, there have been some changes to the Q2/Q1 regrouping.  We will use Practice 6 on Thursday to regroup X30 Junior into their Q2/Q1 groups.  We will also use the results of Practice 6 to grid Micro and Mini for their Qualifying sessions.  In the afternoon group, we will use Practice 5 results to regroup X30 Senior and X30 Master into their Q2/Q1 groups.
  • 11/20 11:40 AM - ATTENTION SSE COMPETITORS: SSE carburetor jet cover – while recommended by SKUSA, will continue to be optional. 
  • 10/31 10:30 AM - EVENT FORMAT/SCHEDULE UPDATED - We've posted the details of the Q2 sessions, now for just Pro/Pro2 and X30 Senior, and added a $1500 purse.  We also made some slight updates to the Competition Schedule, mostly just adding the lap counts.
  • 10/25 1:30 PM - G1 WEIGHT CHANGE - In order to make the class more inclusive, the G1 weight has been raised to 415 lbs.
  • 10/18 9:00 AM - RULES UPDATES & CLARIFICATIONS - X30 Ignition Timing, Fuel & Oil
  • 10/18 9:00 AM - IAME SSE Engine Rental - Limited 175cc SSE engines available for $1500 Lease with purchase option.


SuperNats XXIII Pricing Overview (2019)
In anticipation of the SKUSA online store opening for SuperNationals 23 on July 22nd (7pm Pacific Daylight Time), here is a recap of the current pricing program:

Race Entry Fees

Online Pre-Entry (until Nov 3, 11:59 PM PST) includes the driver's pit pass and (2) Sets of Evinco RACE Tires:
  • $1150 - Pro Shifter, KZ and X30 Senior
  • $1100 - Pro Shifter 2, G1, G2, X30 Junior, X30 Master, KA100 Junior, KA100 Senior
  • $1100 - Micro Swift and Mini Swift
NOTE: All competition tires must be picked up at the track per the schedule to be given out on-site, and will be scanned/assigned to each driver entry.

Manual Race Entry at Track (subject to availability in your desired class and/or last-minute cancellations):
  • Race entry prices above are increased by $250 (all classes)
NOTE: Pre-entries must be submitted thru MotorsportReg with a credit card prior to midnight on November 3rd (or prior to the class reaching its ‘cap’ and being SOLD OUT). If you are having trouble with MotorsportReg, you must send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , so that issues may be handled in order -- based on the time/date that the email is received.

Membership Required

  • 2019 SKUSA Membership/Racing LicenseOR
  • Single Event Membership - $50 and purchased with your race entry
  • For ALL International Drivers – Must have a 2019 SKUSA or Single Event Membership. Then, must complete the ASN Certification section on Race Entry Form in addition to uploading one of the following:
    • Photocopy of current National karting license issued by an ASN affiliated with the FIA (in the USA such license/memberships are issued by the WKA); or
    • Photocopy of current International karting license issued by an ASN affiliated with the FIA, along with any other requirements of their local ASN

Dry Practice Tires

  • Evinco Red -- $222/set of 4 tires
  • Evinco Blue (SWIFT) -- $211/set of 4 tires
  • Evinco Blue (KA/X30JR) -- $211/set of 4 tires
NOTE: Competitors may purchase Evinco practice tires from SKUSA or their own supplier (for shipping OR pickup at the track).  If purchasing from SKUSA, all practice tires must be pre-purchased by November 3rd to guarantee supplies on site. If purchasing from your own supplier, they must be the spec tires listed above.

Wet Race or Practice Tires

  • MG-WT RAIN tires -- $227/set of 4 tires
  • MG-WT SWIFT RAIN tires -- $221/set of 4 tires
NOTE: Competitors may purchase as many rain tires as they would like -- from SKUSA -- or their own supplier. If purchasing from SKUSA, all rain tires must be pre-purchased by November 3rd to guarantee supplies on site. If purchasing from your own supplier, they must be the spec rain tires listed above. No refunds on unclaimed rain tires.

Spectator Passes

All passes will be sold at the event OR can be purchased ahead of time via EventBrite.
  • Event Pass (3+ days) = $60
  • 1-Day Spectator Pass = $25
  • Hot Pit Pass (Mechanics Only/2 max per driver entry) = $75

Transponder Rental

  • $75 for the entire event
NOTES: (1) If you have your own transponder, please provide us the number WITH your race entry, if at all possible, or via email prior to November 3rd. (2) The replacement cost if a SKUSA rental transponder is lost or damaged is $350.

Fuel/Oil Products

Sold at the track only - Current Market Prices (TBA)
  • C12 Fuel (Mandatory for ALL classes)
  • Motul 2T Grand Prix Oil
  • Fuel Jug
NOTES: (1) Per strict Fire Marshall rules, NO one is allowed to bring fuel into this event (except for generator fuel and a small amount that may be present in the kart’s fuel tank). (2) Fuel will be sold on site only, and does not need to be pre-ordered or pre-purchased. (3) Competitors are encouraged to bring their own fuel jugs, although a limited quantity will be on sale at the event. (4) All fuel will be kept on site in the Fuel Farm, and accessed per the schedule to be given out on-site.


Miscellaneous Products Available at the Event Only

  • Drilled Nuts for Engine Seals: $10/each
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