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EKN Exclusive: Superkarts! USA SuperNationals 24 – Preview Series – Master Shifter
Tuesday, 30 November 2021 11:18

Five-time Pro Tour champion Jordon Musser looking for that first SuperNats win (Photo: EKN)

Shifterkart racing is the foundation of Superkarts! USA, and of course the SuperNationals. It was in 2000 that Master Shifter made its debut at the SuperNats with the G1 category, running until 2011. Stock Moto made its way into the SuperNats in 2006 with the S4 division, reserved for the Heavy drivers and then Master only later. That ran until 2019 when G1 returned with the IAME powerplant. Now, Master Shifter has opened up to both KZ and IAME SSE 175 powerplants, welcoming 17 drivers.

What is notable about this year’s field is the battle that has raged on over the last seven seasons. Jordon Musser (PSL / Birel ART) has the honor of the only driver with five SKUSA Pro Tour championships. His first came back in 2013 before going three-straight from 2016 to 2019. He returned to the Semi-Pro category for half of the SummerFestival before coming back to Master Shifter in 2021. He won three of the six main events for a fifth career title. One name that has been his lead rival is Ryan Kinnear (PGR / Ricciardo). Kinnear is the 2016 Pro Tour champ, who kept Musser from winning that year. Kinnear is also the only driver in the field to win at the SuperNationals in the Master Shifter category, something Musser has not been able to do. In fact, he has been on the podium the last four SuperNationals, as has Musser. Kinnear stole the show at the SummerNationals in August, winning both main events. Yet, this October, it was Musser who came through for a second ROK Vegas victory in the last four years. The other winner, Kinnear in 2019 and 2020. Read full story on