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Will close Mon, Oct 28 at 11:59 PM PDT

Supernationals 27 November 13-17, 2024
Las Vegas Motor Speedway
7000 Las Vegas Blvd N
Las Vegas, NV 89115
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Select Shifter, SpeedTech, and Msquared to Unite for SKUSA Supernationals
Sunday, 17 September 2006 17:00

“Three Companies to Join Forces in Pursuit of Camaraderie, Fun and Success”

In a move most unusual for the karting industry, three companies will join forces not solely based on brand or business focus but rather a desire to have fun and work together in an effort to place drivers on the podium.

The idea took shape when Select’s Mike Robbins, SpeedTech’s Shayne Shipley and Msquared’s Bonnier Moulton got together for dinner several months ago. “We sat down and started talking about the industry and how sad it was that everyone is so antagonistic toward one another,” said Moulton. “We started talking about how cool it would be to just get a big tent and work together regardless of what color chassis a guy was on. We couldn’t think of a good reason not to do it, so we’re going to do it.”

While the group, which jokingly refers to itself as “The Karting Collective” is focused on enjoying the Supernationals experience, they are also very serious about taking home one or more titles. “Part of the reason to do this, is to have a group of guys who like each other working together for the betterment of everyone involved. We intend to show that people in karting can work together and be successful,” said Robbins. “Another reason is to give ourselves the best chance to win this thing.”

“Normally, everyone is locked away in their tent, hanging out with people on the same brand of chassis, regardless of how well they know or like each other,” stated Shipley. We’re going to do it differently, we’ll have some guys on blue chassis, some guys on green ones and some on red ones, but we all get along and we’re going to help each other out.”

The driver lineup for this joint effort is stellar, featuring several past Supernationals winners. 2004 Supernationals Champion Jason Bowles will be returning to karting at the wheel of an Arrow AX9 powered by a Darcy Decoste tuned TM K9B. Joining Bowles in the Superpro class will be Stars of Karting standout Stuart Marsell (Arrow/DDR TM) and Mike Beeny (Arrow/SwedeTech Maxter).

In the G1 category, Shayne Shipley (Arrow/SwedeTech TM) and Bonnier Moulton (TBD/TBD) will carry the group’s banner while Scott Clark (Tony Kart/Msquared Honda), Randy Mitchell (Arrow/Msquared Honda) and Tyler Bennett (Tony Kart/Msquared Honda) will compete in the Stock Moto classes and Vivek Tandon (Arrow/DDR Honda) will contest the S1 class.

“It’s going to be a great experience,” said Moulton, “With Mike and Shayne we’ve got some pretty accomplished tuners under our tent and they’re going to be helping everyone. Plus the Arrow guys will all have factory support since Terrence McCall from BTK Motorsports (the U.S. Arrow importer) has made arrangements to bring some guys in from the factory. I haven’t been this excited for the Supernationals since the late ‘90s. Our tent will not be roped off and we won’t have a guard dog, so if anyone wants to drop by and say “hello”, we’d love to see you.