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Superkarts! USA Partners with Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority
Tuesday, 10 March 2015 18:27

For the last 18 years, Superkarts! USA has been capping its season with the running of the famed SuperNationals in Las Vegas, Nevada. The race has developed from its roots of drawing 150+ competitors out at the Las Vegas Kart Center to now regularly topping the 500+ driver mark as the single largest karting event in the world. Over the years, the SKUSA SuperNationals has cemented its place in the sport and its vocabulary, and as such, has also become known by an abbreviated title: the ‘SuperNats’.

For many, it’s simply ’Vegas’.

Superkarts! USA’s return to Las Vegas this coming November for SuperNationals XIX will be marked by a move to an incredibly exciting new venue – the Las Vegas Convention Center – and a brand new and very important partnership with the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority.

What all this means to the sport is that the SuperNationals IS Vegas.

Las Vegas recognizes the importance of a marquee motorsports event like this in the city and has been aware of the SKUSA SuperNationals for years. They were eager to attract the event to their convention center parking lot and become an official SKUSA partner. SKUSA members can expect to see Las Vegas branding and collateral to support and grow this partnership throughout 2015.

“Partnerships are so important in our industry, and now we have two groups pushing in the same direction to get the job done, to find success,” enthused Tom Kutscher, Superkarts! USA President. “This partnership means a great deal to Superkarts! USA moving forward, as we close on the 20th anniversary of this incredible event. To get the seal of approval from Las Vegas, for SKUSA and karting itself, is huge and it speaks volumes to what our staff and the sport has been able to do collectively over the past 18 years. I’m so excited about the future of the SuperNationals in Las Vegas. It’s our home. It could never move…the SuperNationals IS Vegas.”

The growth of the SuperNationals, the ability to draw in major industry support, and the constant international attraction and media that the event develops was part of what prompted Las Vegas to see SKUSA as the official authority in karting. You can be certain that SKUSA’s 18 years of dedication to holding this event in Las Vegas has made an impressive and clear statement.

This year’s SKUSA SuperNationals is primed to be the biggest and best edition ever. Work continues on the new track and paddock layout at the Las Vegas Convention Center, which offers SKUSA much more area to work within. A record-setting purse and prize package is in development, and the upcoming CBS Sports Network broadcast of last year’s SuperNationals is a signal of great things to come. SKUSA has a number of exciting announcements in the works, so stay tuned. The 2015 season will be one for the record books.