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Superkarts! USA Announces Junior Spec 125 Program
Monday, 01 January 2007 17:00
Superkarts! USA (SKUSA) has announced the creation of a new national gearbox based class for drivers’ ages 12-15 years old. The class, Junior Spec 125, will be known officially as S5 Junior and is designed to ease a young driver into the sport of shifter kart racing with minimal cost as they progress in age and ability.

“The Spec Honda motor package has worked tremendously well in our ProKart Challenge region for the last two years,” says SKUSA CEO Tom Kutscher, adding “the package provides more bang for the buck for our drivers, and has clearly become the motor package of choice for many adults entering the sport. However, in order to grow the class nationally, it makes sense to get the younger drivers interested in ‘slapping gears’ involved a bit earlier- thus the creation of the S5 Jr. class.” 

Shifter karts in S5 Jr. will be powered by the very reliable Honda 125cc motor package used so successfully over the last few years as defined by the Superkarts! USA stock rules set. The key difference is that the motor package will be restricted with a custom SKUSA-provided exhaust port and a 2 hole air box that when combined together restricts the power down to what would be comparable to an 80cc motor. This low cost modification can be removed as the driver graduates to the upper levels of the sport.

Kutscher continues, “Conceivably, a father could purchase a Spec 125 motor package and the low cost SKUSA S5 Jr. modification for their son or daughter, and then have that motor package grow with them through their shifter kart racing career. As long as the package is maintained properly, it could likely be the first and last motor purchased for that driver as they rise through the SKUSA Spec ranks.”

The immediate plan is to establish a strong regional presence for S5 Jr. as the new SKUSA grows over the next couple of years. Look for the Great Lakes Region, ProKart Challenge and others to be announced to begin to experiment with it in the 2007 season. Eventually, the class could find its way into the SuperNationals program.

“The possibilities are endless for the class as well as S3 and S4,” says Kutscher, noting he’s in no hurry to set a timeline for success. “This class is something that we’ll grow with time-and will command my full attention as it grows. I’m really excited about it!”

Additional information on the class, including class weight, dyno-testing, on track testing results, chassis specs and the availability of the modification kits will be available soon from Superkarts! USA