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Official Statement From IAME USA Regarding 2021 Updates To New X30 Pipe And X30 Configuration
Monday, 18 January 2021 12:54
As many may remember, with the reconfiguration of the IAME distribution in North America in 2014, we put forth a commitment to freeze the engine configuration for seven years. This coming 2021 racing season will be our seventh year (*after a one-year grace period for COVID-19.) We have listened to our engine builders and customers and will be offering the following changes moving forward in 2021. This introduction also comes in connection with the struggle to get these older models during COVID-19.

Before implementing these changes moving forward we want to remind everyone of the impetus for any such changes. As we pledged in 2014, reliability and customer satisfaction remain our guiding principles here at IAME USA. Any new ideas are in the interest of those two facets, and as always — the motivation for introducing any such change is always parity and value for the racer.

The new changes we will be implementing are as follows:
  1. X30 - New Exhaust System (All Classes)
    1. Beginning in 2021, SKUSA will adopt a one-piece exhaust similar to the KA and Mini Swift systems. The header will be a fully machined version and offer a more reliable and better restriction control for the junior X30 class. This will be a mandatory update for all X30 classes beginning with the Pro Tour event in NOLA and we will be offering a special Introductory price program to all customers to help facilitate the change. Furthermore, this change puts the Superkarts! USA and North American karting on a consistent platform with the rest of the world. Performance wise, the proposed changes see comparable power to that of the existing setup. And from a manufacturing standpoint, the new system is more reliable and consistent from the factory, with smaller variances and tolerances direct from IAME.
  2. X30 - New Ignition System
    1. Beginning in 2021, IAME will offer a new ignition. The main change is the simplification of the system with less boxes and wires and more robust buttons for starting and stopping the engine. It still remains limited at 16000 RPM as the current system is now. Both the old and new systems will be allowed in competition moving forward.
  3. X30 – New Main Bearings
    1. Beginning this year in 2021, a new proprietary roller bearing will be used in the X30 engine. This longer lasting unit will be approved for both old and new engines, but can only be utilized if the crankshaft is not worn past the defined installation tolerances. An installation document defining these tolerances and full instructions for installation will be found on the IAME USA website. Going forward, both the older 6206 ball bearing and the new roller bearing will be legal for competition.
  4. X30 – New Airbox
    1. In 2021, we will begin introducing a new airbox. It will have the same size inlet tubes and mainly be an aesthetic and modernized update. Both old and new airboxes will be legal for competition.
  5. Mini Swift, KA100, and 175 SSE – No Changes

All new engines manufactured in 2021 will come equipped with the above changes. Beginning with the SKUSA ProTour race at NOLA, all of these changes will be in effect. Only the new exhaust system is mandatory. For those ordering new engines or updated parts, they will be available for pre-order beginning this week.

We are pleased to confirm the X30 pricing will remain exactly as it is with no price increase of any kind for 2021. As always IAME welcomes and questions, concerns, or comments and invite anyone with them to contact us directly.