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2018 Purses And Prizes
The successful launch of the 2018 SKUSA WINTER SERIES in Florida meant quite a few competitors started off their SKUSA racing season with prizes in their pockets!

The prize structure for the 2018 Superkarts! USA Pro Tour is now set to kick off in a huge way starting with the SpringNationals at PKRA – and will again focus on both an attractive cash purse and extra incentives to motivate drivers to support the program by running the remaining double-race events.

Per Race Prize Money (S1 and X30 Senior)

Prize money will be paid to the S1 and X30 Senior classes at the SpringNationals and SummerNationals, awarding $2500 per class to the top five drivers in the overall point standings, cumulatively, for the weekend. The total prize money paid per weekend will be $2500 per class -- $5000 combined for these 2 classes. The following is the cash payout for both S1 and X30 Senior:

1st $1000
2nd $600
3rd $400
4th $300
5th $200

Checks will be mailed out to all winners following verification of final weekend championship points. If preferred, these winners have the option of a credit in their account with to use towards their next SKUSA national event instead.

Per Race Prize Money (all other Pro Tour classes)

SKUSA is again offering a $1000 weekend purse to the top 3 winners in the rest of the classes (other than X30 Senior and S1) for any category that reaches the 30-entry mark at the SpringNationals and/or SummerNationals. That means for any of the classes of S2, S4, S4 Super Master, Mini Swift, Micro Swift, X30 Junior and X30 Master, as long as there are a minimum of 30 racers that take the track on both Saturday and Sunday of the event, the top three drivers in the overall point standings, cumulatively, for the weekend will win:

1st $500
2nd $300
3rd $200

Pro Tour Championship Points Fund

A championship points fund will be accumulated from race-to-race (starting with the results from the WinterNationals at NOLA), and additional cash awards will be distributed to the top-three in the final point standings at the end of the season for both S1 and X30 Senior. A driver’s accumulated points from all six Pro Tour races will determine the final standings – after eliminating the lowest points race (ONE DROP). The breakdown of the points fund for the top three in S1 and X30 Senior is as follows:

1st $3000
2nd $2000
3rd $1000

Total Points Fund Per Class  $6000
Total Overall Points Fund  $12000

SKUSA National Number Plates

SKUSA brought back the prestigious National Number Plate program starting back in 2010, providing special number plates to the top-three drivers in the final championship points in all classes. The National Number Plate program will continue this year, and the top-three from each class will be awarded their plates at the end of the Pro Tour season – to run starting with SuperNationals 22. Drivers must run their respective national number plates during all 2019 SKUSA Pro Tour events if they wish to continue receiving their Circle of Champions benefits (see below).

NOTE: National Number Plates are for those drivers who remain in the same class in which he or she won the plate, so an exception will be made for the Champion in any class that is moving up a level the following season. See the Race Number Panels page.

SKUSA Circle of Champions Program

One of the most popular of prizes in the SKUSA Pro Tour is the ‘Circle of Champions’ program, and SKUSA will again be providing the 2018 Pro Tour points champion in each class with special sponsorship for the 2019 racing season. The 2018 Pro Tour champions will be provided with complimentary entries, race tires, fuel and oil for the 2019 Pro Tour – plus a free entry and race tires for the SuperNationals! This package is now worth approximately $4,000 to each champion. These sponsored SKUSA ‘Circle of Champions’ drivers will be required to wear the national #1 plate.

Guaranteed SuperNationals Main Event Starting Position

SKUSA will again be including a very lucrative benefit to the top drivers in Pro Tour points heading into the 2018 SuperNationals. In any of the classes that will be opened to 88 entries for this year’s SuperNats (such as Mini Swift, X30 Junior, X30 Senior and X30 Master) the top three drivers in the final ProTour Points Standings will be rewarded with guaranteed starting positions in the main event on SuperSunday. Should they not make the main following the heat races or the Last Chance Qualifier, they will start at the tail of the grid from 41st to 43th in the order of where they sit in the Pro Tour points.

Priority SuperNationals Pre-Entry Program

Again in 2018 is a way for Pro Tour participants to secure an entry for the SuperNationals ahead of their competitors – and before their class fills up! This new bonus is definitely an extra incentive for all drivers to participate in this year’s Pro Tour. Anyone running the Pro Tour this year will have an opportunity to register before the general public. These drivers will be part of SKUSA’s ‘Priority Pre-Entry Program’ – PPEP – which has been designed to provide SKUSA racers with a guaranteed opportunity to attend the event as a participant. More details to be posted soon!

Prize Package for IAME Champs

SKUSA will provide the title winners in the X30 Senior, X30 Junior, X30 Master and Mini Swift classes with a support package to represent Superkarts! USA at this year’s IAME International Final in Le Mans, France in October. The champion’s prize package planned will likely include: full entry into the event, tented pit spot, an arrive-and-drive kart and engine set-up with a dedicated mechanic, and a custom Team Superkarts! USA suit. The winners will be responsible for travel, housing and meals only. More details to come!

Honda Racing/HPD Prizes for Stock Honda Champs

Honda Performance Development will again be supporting the SKUSA Pro Tour series with a prize package to the top performers in the classes of: S1, S2, S4 and S4 Super Master. All Stock Honda drivers must be a registered member of Honda Racing Line (a free membership) to qualify, as well as renew annually. See your SKUSA registration rep on site for the applicable forms. Prize specifics will be announced soon!

Additional Prizes

As if the purses and prizes above were not enough, SKUSA is still actively working to assemble additional product and cash prizes from series supporters and sponsors to distribute to racers at the podium presentations of each event. Any companies wishing to become a Superkarts! USA partner, please contact the head office at 951-491-0808 or via email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
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