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SKUSA SummerNationals Sees SKUSA Reaffirm Their Commitment To Safety. A Bigger Purse. Food. Music, And More.
Wednesday, 29 July 2020 15:22

With the SKUSA ProTour event just days away, Superkarts! USA is incredibly pleased to offer a fun-filled and action-packed group of consecutive events at the nation’s leading facility – New Castle Motorsports Park. With the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, the series is acutely aware this may be the single biggest karting event of 2020 and are planning accordingly.

First and foremost, safety is key. With the recent Indiana state mandate and requirement of face masks, SKUSA will be providing complimentary SKUSA branded face coverings for those who do not have their own. Social distancing and virus mitigation will be paramount for both weekends, with a priority placed on safety above all else. Track proprietors have been collaborating very closely with Indiana county and state officials to work hand in hand on providing the safest possible conditions for the event to occur. The track is also in regular communication with the state excide (Indiana Coronavirus task force) and Henry County Health Department to keep abreast of every breaking development.

“We can appreciate after NOLA the uncertainty and uneasiness in entering a national event,” remarked Tom Kutscher. “Rest assured, every conceivable angle of safety has been considered and the track is working very closely with regulators to ensure there are no disruptions in the festivities. Indiana as a state, are very far along in the reopening process. Currently, Indiana is at a 4.5 reopening stage. Naturally our event will require cooperation from our guests with respects to face coverings and maintaining social distance, but we feel extremely confident in proceeding.”
With back to back weekends, and many families making the commitment to stay locally between the two rounds, SKUSA have doubled down on the festivities at NCMP between the national events. The endurance races continue to draw incredible interest, thanks in large part to their unprecedented cash purses. The endurance circuit configuration will also see racers have an early opportunity to drive the second week’s track that will be used for the final SKUSA ProTour rounds.

Atmosphere in the pits is something that will also see a great deal of attention. SKUSA is committing to complimentary food and drink nights for attendees, and music throughout to provide entertainment in the safe confines of the facility. Security is also something that will see a tremendous enhancement. New Castle Motorsports Park have procured none other than the local police department to ensure organization and complete compliance with all health and safety directives.

“We realize, in the current pandemic climate, race guests are less apt to eat out or seek entertainment in surrounding areas,” explained New Castle Motorsports Park track manager Mike Adams. “We’re doing what we can to bring the food and entertainment direct to the racers. We’re aiming to partner with local food trucks to bring a fun atmosphere to the racing paddock throughout the week. Between the on-track action during the day and the activities in the evening, our hope is to make the experience fun, family friendly, and above all — safe for everyone.”

Finally, if the above weren’t enough to compel people to attend — SKUSA have announced they’re going to be sweetening the ProTour purse. Even more. With the SuperNationals year-end event hanging in the balance, SKUSA is prepared to pull out all the stops to make the $200,000 ProTour prize package even more enticing.

SKUSA are extremely proud to confirm an addition to the existing purse for ProTour classes and announce an extra $22,000 prize pool for KA Junior, KA Senior, Mini Swift, Micro Swift and both X30 Junior and Senior. Given the dual weekend, three race each event format, each class listed above will be eligible for a daily additional prize pool, broken down as follows:
  • Daily Race Win - $300
  • Second Place - $200
  • Third Place - $100

$600 per day x 6 classes x 3 races per weekend = $10,800 (x 2 Weekends) = $21,600 USD

The entire staff at SKUSA recognize what a crazy season this has been in light of the pandemic. The series is eager to reassure racers, that the opportunity to provide a fun, safe, and well-run event after months of downtime is not lost on them. The same attention to detail found at every SKUSA race will still be there. Whether it be the high-quality trophies. The video marshalling. The elite officiating with two new acclaimed professional race directors. Or the continued parity and commitment to a level playing field in tech.

“Like our racers, we too have been eagerly awaiting the return of national level karting,” explained Tom Kutscher. “While we would never have wanted the downtime, the opportunity did lend itself to us refining processes even more. We’re very much ready and been using the time between races to continually make improvements.”

The Pre-Entry deadline to receive the NOLA cancellation credit of $480 ends this Sunday August 02, 2020 at midnight PDT. Be sure to get your pre-entry in before then to take full advantage of the SKUSA pricing promotion. Superkarts! USA looks forward to seeing everyone in New Castle.