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SUPERKARTS! USA Confirms Details For Upcoming SKUSA Protour Double Header In New Castle Indiana
Wednesday, 15 July 2020 21:54


With the entirety of the 2020 SKUSA ProTour now consolidated into back-to-back consecutive weekends, details are beginning to emerge for both the SKUSA ProTour and some of the supplemental events supporting the dual weekend format.

“With the sport and country on lockdown the last four months, we have received a ton of questions on what we’re going to do following the canceled event at NOLA,” said SKUSA president Tom Kutscher. “Needless to say, finding a solution that was both reasonable and equitable became our top priority as we began planning. Let me tell you this... We’re going to make the 2020 ProTour as kick ass as we possibly can, considering what a mess this year has been.”

As many now know, the format for the upcoming double-header is to consolidate six rounds of ProTour racing into two consecutive race weekends. Such a change requires rethinking everything from the pitting procedure to the purse payout. SKUSA is pleased to say they’ve risen to the challenge.

Starting with the costs:
  • The entry fee for all classes in New Castle will be $820 USD per weekend, which includes Thursday official practice, and races on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
  • In light of the events that transpired in New Orleans, each entrant from NOLA will receive a $480 USD credit they can apply towards either of the two weekends in Indiana. Drivers are also eligible to reuse their scanned race tires from NOLA. will allow drivers to purchase only the race tires they need, A la carte.

Classes using the Evinco “hard” compound will now get (2) sets of tires to manage however they choose, for each three-race weekend. While Evinco “soft” compound classes will receive the customary (1) set per day. Drivers or teams with questions on tire issues from NOLA are invited to contact SKUSA for official answers to any lingering questions.

“Understandably so, the second biggest question we’re getting at the SKUSA offices is what configurations we’re going to be running for the events at NCMP,” elaborated Kutscher. “New Castle is a gift and a curse, in that there are so many options we could potentially consider. We think we have a nice mix of layouts that will give enough diversity between the two weekends.”

SKUSA is pleased to confirm the first weekend of the ProTour (Rounds 1-3) will be the “SKUSA Super Mile” configuration — which is the same configuration the organization ran in 2019. The extended NCMP layout was quite popular with teams and drivers alike and made for some amazing competition.

Weekend two (Rounds 4-6) will see a reversion to the National configuration, but in reverse. This exact configuration was first used by NCMP in late 2018 and hasn’t been used since.

Both weekends mark the beginning of a new chapter in SKUSA officiating. The 2020 ProTour will usher in the new leadership in race director roles with veterans Beaux Barfield and John Maesky. With an entire national championship on the line, SKUSA is leaving nothing to chance and committing to the best in the business for the condensed season.

The days between events:
  • As touted in earlier press releases, the time in between both national events will not be wasted. Both SKUSA and New Castle Motorsports Park are collaborating on some exciting events to fill the days between races.
  • One such event will be an IAME endurance race with a stellar cash purse, and an opportunity for teams and drivers to drive the National Reverse configuration early, before the second race weekend.
    • An extensive press release with purse details will be coming soon.
  • In addition to on-track activities, both parties are working on exciting initiatives that include everything from food trucks, to fishing contests, live music, and more.

Event purse:

SKUSA has not wavered on the payout for this year’s ProTour. With everything effectively coming down to just one venue and two weekends, SKUSA is stepping up the purse payout from $5,000 to $7,500 ($2500 per race). COVID or no COVID, SKUSA is incredibly proud to confirm the prize package for the 2020 SKUSA ProTour still totals nearly $200,000 USD.

RV Accommodations:

SKUSA recognizes many families will either elect to bring their RV’s or rent them locally for lodging. New Castle Motorsports Park has renewed their commitment to providing the ultimate RV experience and both the series and the facility are pleased to confirm a professional RV staff on-site throughout both weekends. Trained technicians will be on hand and on-call throughout the entire ProTour offering services such as tank refills, drainage, blackwater servicing, maintenance, repairs, and more. In the age of social distancing, we aim to make your RV experience as pain free and seamless as possible.

“It’s a moving target at our track with the pandemic,” admitted NCMP proprietor Mike Adams. “Obviously we have our wish list of things we’d like to do for the events. Ultimately, we’re aware the virus ultimately dictates how crazy we can get and what the rest of 2020 holds. If this year has taught everyone one thing, it’s that nothing is guaranteed. We don’t know how much racing there will be in 2020, so we’re going big for this ProTour. Put it this way, we’ll shoot for the stars. If we miss — we’ll still hit the moon. People who attend won’t be disappointed.”

For drivers who do commit to racing both weekends… SKUSA is pleased to confirm any participant who races all six rounds will receive a complimentary 2021 SKUSA membership renewal.