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Rule Clarifications and Upcoming Rule Changes: Honda cylinders, SKUSA TAG classes and IAME/X30
Friday, 19 September 2014 17:54

Honda Cylinders:

Many of the previous complaints regarding the 01/02 cylinders have subsided – as builders, tuners, and drivers have learned to deal with the differences in these cylinders. At this time, SKUSA is not planning on making any changes to the current rule structure for these engines/cylinders.

SKUSA TAG classes:

  • TAG Junior: This class will continue to be a Leopard engine only thru 2015. For 2016, the class will become an X30 engine only.
  • TAG Senior and TaG Master: Effective October 18, 2014 (30 days from this notice), the X30 engine weight will be reduced to 365 lbs in TaG Senior and 392 lbs in TaG Master. This will be the final weight adjustment for 2014.
    • A new X30 PDF published on the SKUSA website today, September 19, reflects the addition of carbon fiber reeds, along with a change of the minimum reed thickness to .010”. Only IAME reeds are allowed.
    • For 2015, both the Leopard and X30 engines will be allowed, and drivers will be able to switch between both engines without penalty. As previously announced, both the ROK TT and Motori 7 will be removed from the list of allowable engines in the SKUSA program starting in 2015.
    • For 2016, only the X30 engine will be allowed in these 2 classes.

Additional X30 information:

  • All X30 engines used in SKUSA competition must be purchased from an Authorized IAME USA Dealer. IAME USA is developing an Identity Card that will be supplied with each new engine, as well as making them available for engines previously purchased in North America. This should not cause any problems for legitimately-purchased USA engines, and will allow IAME USA and its customers to conform to the stringent EPA regulations regarding off-road competition engines.
  • Pricing on replacement parts for the Triton carburetors has reached an unacceptable level. IAME USA will be announcing a program that will replace all Triton carburetors on qualifying engines with a Tillotson carburetor at no cost to the competitor.
  • Both the new ID card and carburetor will be announced when available – targeted for the beginning of 2015 from your local IAME USA dealer.
The 2014 SKUSA Pro Tour Point Standings have been Updated! Look who's in the Championship now, AND with a Guaranteed Starting Spot for SuperSunday's Main Event!
Monday, 25 August 2014 17:19
Now that the Modesto SummerNationals race weekend is in the record books, the Pro Tour point standings have been updated  to reflect the results from that event -- with the calculation of one race drop for the true championship point standings heading into the SuperNationals (the final stop on the 2014 Pro Tour). As described on our Pro Tour PURSES & PRIZES page, the top 3 racers in all classes -- especially our largest classes of S2, S4, TaG Cadet, TaG Junior and TaG Senior -- have a GUARANTEED starting spot in the MAIN on SuperSunday! Congratulations to all of our Pro Tour racers, and we'll see YOU in Vegas!
Open Letter from Tom Kutscher Re: The Modesto Grand Prix
Wednesday, 13 August 2014 10:01
Hello, Superkarts! USA drivers, teams, families and supporters –

I’d like to take the opportunity to speak to our racing family in regards to the successes and failures of last weekend’s Modesto Grand Prix. The event was by far the hardest and most time-consuming project I’ve ever been involved in, and I’m sure I cashed in a year or two of my life through the stress of it all. The event had some big positives in terms of exposure for the sport, but there were also harsh lessons that we learned in terms of track design, event management, staffing and scheduling. I’d like to publicly thank everyone who took the time to offer us their own thanks for the weekend and the event, for our support of karting, and for our work to grow karting by taking on the challenge of the GP. That said, I would also wish to take this opportunity to apologize to the karting community, and our racers, for the shortcomings of the race and the event. I dropped the ball on a number of items, although not for lack of effort. To anyone who was left feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, nervous, exhausted and unhappy, my sincerest apologies. This is obviously never our intent for our business. 
Revised Sunday Competition Schedule
Sunday, 03 August 2014 04:09
Due to the various challenges on Saturday and their effect on our ability to stay on schedule, Sunday's schedule has been revised as follows.
  • Warm Ups - 8 minutes
  • Qualifying - 8 minutes
  • Heat 1 - 12 Laps (10 for Cadet)
  • Finals - 16 Laps (12 for Cadet)
Heat 2 has been removed from the schedule and Heat 1 will be worth twice as many points. 

2014 SummerNats Revised Sunday Schedule

Specific Pit Parking Instructions now posted for Modesto Grand Prix SummerNationals
Tuesday, 29 July 2014 09:48
The biggest challenge for our teams and competitors always seems to be getting parked and set up in the pits!

With such a large attendance expected and the logistics of a track build going on as we speak, SKUSA and the City of Modesto have created these specific instructions to facilitate this process. Please read this information carefully and follow these instructions! They will help assure the smoothest move-in possible.

See you in Modesto!

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