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California ProKart Challenge

Engine Change Rule Update
Wednesday, 06 June 2007 17:00
As some of you are aware, the recent event at CalSpeed included a couple of engine change controversies that were fueled by difficult to interpret/enforce language in the 2006-07 SKUSA rule book. As a result, the following rule update will be in effect at this and all future PKC events:

Engine Changes
The following language supercedes section in the SKUSA 2006-07 Rule Book:

1. The intent for allowing engine changes during an event is to recover from a component failure and NOT to take advantage of brand/model specific performance characteristics for a given track configuration.
2. The engine serial number shall be entered by each driver on the Pre-Tech Certification form that is turned in prior to qualifying.
3. Engines and/or components will be "painted" by the event technical staff at the post qualifying weigh-in.
4. Event technical staff may inspect an engine's serial number and/or "paint" at any time during the event.
5. Any engine change subsequent to qualifying MUST be pre-approved by the event Tech Director and if not, will result in a DQ and loss of points for ALL prior race sessions and a last place start in the next race session
6. Change to a brand or model not identical to the original engine is NOT allowed and will result in a DQ and loss of points for the entire event. Note: Engine builder is not a factor in determining same brand/model.
It is solely the driver's responsibility to solicit and receive an engine change approval form executed by the event Tech Director.