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2023 Membership and Licensing
The purpose of the Superkarts! USA Licensing Program is to provide a standardized ladder of driver development within the organization. The following document details each license level and its requirements. Please review the revised information below.

License Levels



The Pro License is reserved for SKUSA’s most accomplished drivers. This license is required for any driver wishing to compete in the Pro/Master Shifter categories. Competitors will be required to complete an application form that will include an area where the driver will present results, performance highlights and a career overview, which the SKUSA staff will use to determine license eligibility. 
Required for: Pro and Master Shifter


B LICENSE (Standard)

This license is for experienced drivers in SKUSA of all ages.  To be eligible for a B License, one must have at least 1 season of PKC level or equivalent racing experience in the sport. Competitors new to SKUSA must complete an application form detailing past experience to be considered for a B license instead of a C license.


C LICENSE (Provisional)

The C license is presented to anyone new to karting within the Superkarts! USA community or don't meet the requirements of the B license above.  This is our provisional license for all ages.


Membership and License Application

You can renew and apply for new membership at the link below.

2023 SKUSA Online Application

Opening October 18, 2022 at 3PM PDT

Cost and Benefits
All SKUSA Pro Tour, SKUSA Winter Series and ProKart Challenge Regional racers must have an annual SKUSA membership to compete. The cost is $150 at initiation and $100 per yearly renewal and includes many great benefits, including
  • Ability to earn series championship points
  • Eligibility for event purses and prizes

Membership Term and Fees

SKUSA Memberships are valid from January 1st through December 31st of each racing season.  
  • $100 - The Standard Renewal period for members will be October 18, 2022 through January 31, 2023.
  • $125 - The Late Renewal period will be February 1-28, 2023.
  • $150 - New Memberships
  • $150 - Renewals after February 28, 2023 will be treated as New Memberships
SuperKarts! USA Does not sell or offer partial or pro-rated memberships. The SuperNationals is not part of the National SKUSA Pro Tour; it operates as a stand-alone race event. A Single Event Membership will be offered at time of SuperNats Registration and can be purchased in lieu of an Annual SKUSA membership.

Reserved Race Numbers

Reserved race numbers are available, but only for a limited time. Drivers who renew or purchase new memberships on or before Dec 12, 2022 will have the option of reserving their 2023 race number for a nominal fee of $20 per class. This race number will be good for all SKUSA promoted races in 2023 including the SuperNats.  Race numbers are reserved on a 'first come, first served' basis. After Dec 12, or if you don't wish to reserve your number now for the entire 2022 season, our standard number reservation policy is explained in detail on the Race Numbers and Panels page.

E-Waiver Required for Membership Approval

Starting this year, SKUSA members will be required to complete the E-Waiver.  We will send email instructions in December when they are ready to be signed and thus will be valid for the entire 2023 SKUSA Season, meaning your drivers will not need to sign a paper waiver on site.  Please keep in mind your membership may not be approved until we have a VALID E-Waiver on file.
  • ADULTS - In order the waiver to be valid, adult waivers must include an actual picture taken with their phone at the time of completion.  No photos of photos will be approved.
  • MINORS - Parent's must use the minor waiver for their children and both parents, or a single parent with sole custody, and the minor must appear in actual photos taken with their phones at the time of completion. No photos of photos will be approved.

Driver Age Verification Mandatory

You must submit a photo/pdf of one of the following documents (showing your birthdate) when you first purchase your SKUSA Membership/License.
  • Birth Certificate (original or certified copy)
  • Driver's License
  • Passport
Be sure to check the Classes section of this site or sections 15.3 and 20.1.2 of the SKUSA Rulebook for minimum age requirements of each class.