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California ProKart Challenge

2022 CalSpeed Oct Pit Spot Reservations
Due to the size of this event and the unique variety of pit/camping spot dimensions available, you will be submitting your detailed pit/camping request in writing via email instead of directly purchasing the space you need thru the SKUSA STORE. We will place you on the map and then invoice you, so you will need to be exact in your emailed request. Be sure to READ ALL DIRECTIONS BELOW and then look at the attached pit map for those details. SKUSA has no option but to round up to the next space for those who have irregular space requests.

If you know EXACTLY how much space you will need for your pit and/or camping spots, please EMAIL a complete drawing (as a PDF -- no JPG phone pictures, please) to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ASAP. Please put your team name in the subject line.

Emailed requests will be replied to with a confirmation upon receipt. Incomplete requests will be rejected and/or disregarded until complete.

NOTE: The PKC event and class sponsors will receive priority pit spot placement, so be sure to put a reminder note on your pit request if you are a PKC sponsor. LAKC RESERVED PIT SPOTS DO NOT APPLY TO THIS EVENT, although we will do our best to accommodate your desired location(s).

Camping, RV and Pit Spot Pricing:

  • First 6 rows (BLUE NUMBERS) -- $50 per space
  • Next 3 rows (RED NUMBERS) -- $45 per space
  • All others pit spots (BLACK NUMBERS) -- $40 per space
  • Toy Hauler camping in Pits -- add $100 fee plus the price of the pit space (Please add the note to your pit request that you will be camping overnight in your pit.)
  • RV Camping spaces (20’x60’) -- $200 Per Space (Just like for pit spots, please send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it that you would like to reserve an RV spot, along with your top 3 preferred locations. We will be in touch to confirm the location and invoice for payment. NOTE: Map shows general area of RV space location. Spaces may not be in EXACT area as shown on map.)
alt CalSpeed Pit Map
Updated 9/28/2022

What to include on your pit/camping request and what to include on your drawing:

  • Full layout – with dimensions in feet – of your total pit/camping area. PLEASE BE EXACT, AND DO NOT REQUEST MORE SPACE THAN YOU TRULY NEED.
  • Include where tents will go, trailers, E-Z ups, VIP area, etc.
  • Include space for trailer tongue, doors, tip-outs, exhaust pipes and canopies.
  • Assume that three sides of your pit are solid brick walls and the fourth side is the fire lane.
  • Based on the pit map at the link above, please give us your top 3 PREFERENCES for your location of a pit/camping spot. We will do our best to accommodate your requests.
  • Include a team name and a list of the drivers that will be pitting in the spot. NOTE: Please send your written pit map request and drawing when it is FINAL. You will likely NOT be able to remove/add space once placed on the map.
  • In the event that there are multiple teams in one pit area, a designated team manager/ representative must be named as the person responsible for tent and trailer placement. We will NOT park teams on site unless a designated team manager is present or until ALL trailers are present.
  • Teams that want to be pitted next to or near each other MUST submit their pit requests to SKUSA as one complete request and define one contact person for questions and as to whom the invoice is to be sent.
  • Include the contact name and best daytime contact info (phone and email address) on your drawing and in the email message.
  • Tell us whether or not you’ll be renting a tent, bringing your own, or both. See below for vendor info.
    • NOTE: a 20x20’ tent does not fit in a 20x20’ space, leave room for water barrels!
  • •We will be in touch to confirm each reservation submitted, and will request payment when we have you placed on the pit map. (Please check your bulk mail or spam folders frequently for emails from TPK/SKUSA or Quickbooks)

Rental Tents

  • Choura Events is the exclusive tent rental company. Please contact Nicole Castaneda at 424-220-6546 or 310-320-6200 for pricing and availability.
  • If you are renting a tent from Choura, please indicate so on your pit layout drawing, so that we can confirm installation.
  • Tent installation will be Friday, September 30. NOTE: It is your responsibility to be on site to direct the installation of the tent set up. A paid pit space must be assigned prior to set up of the tent. Additionally, it is also your responsibility to assure the tent is removed by Monday, October 3, 5pm.

Rules Regarding Motorized and Non-Motorized Vehicles at this Event

In compliance with Fontana Motorspeedway and SKUSA’s insurance requirements, there are NO motorized or non-motorized vehicles (i.e., golf carts, pit bikes, scooters) allowed on the premises for this event, PERIOD! In addition, due to insurance regulations, SKUSA is not allowing non-motorized vehicles moving in the pits during move-in, move-out, or anytime during the event. The only exceptions are for SKUSA staff, track vendors, maintenance personnel, and handicapped individuals with an official placard or doctor’s notice. Just present the proper credentials (Driver’s license, proof of insurance and handicapped placard) at Registration to receive an event-specific pass (which must be attached in plain sight to avoid confiscation of the prohibited vehicles until the conclusion of the event). Handicapped parking is offered next to Registration – INSIDE THE GATES. See anybody in Registration or Operations for directions/instructions. (Illegally parked vehicles WILL be towed at owner’s expense.) 

Pit/Paddock Rules

  • Tires and fuel cans CANNOT be put into or even next to trash containers on site. Fuel cans and used tires are YOUR responsibility to take home with you. Monetary fines will apply for violators.
  • Clean up your pit thoroughly upon move-out – including cable ties, cigarette butts, all trash, all spills. Fines will be charged for excessive trash clean up and fuel/oil spills.
  • All pits must have a fire extinguisher – one for every 400SF of pit area (min 5lbs, type ABC) – that is visible and accessible at all times. PKC/SKUSA also require a 20-lb fire extinguisher for each trailer over 20-ft in length.
  • No staking of tents into the asphalt; no fuel spills on the asphalt. NO EXCEPTIONS!

General Pit Information - PKC Event Schedule Here

  • Pit move-in will be 9am to 6pm on Friday, September 30th. Pitting will continue on Saturday morning, starting at 7:00 AM.
  • Kart Track gates open at 9:00 AM on Friday, and 7:00 AM on Saturday and Sunday. Pit Curfew will be 7:00 PM each night Friday thru Sunday for all who are not camping on site.
  • Overnight camping is allowed Friday thru Saturday nights only, with payment to PKC.
  • Dogs are ALLOWED, but must be kept on a leash or in your vehicle/trailer at all times.

Trailer Storage

If you have a trailer that will be used for transporting karts and equipment only, and does not need to be parked inside of the pit area, there will be a $25 fee to store it in a secured outer lot of this facility. Please add that note to your pit spot request to give SKUSA advanced notice.