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Next ProKart Challenge Event

Will close on Tues, June 9 at 11:59 PM

Round 2/3 - Willow Springs Kart June 12-14, 2020
Willow Springs KART Track
3500 75th Street West
Rosamond, CA 93560
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Event Bulletin Board

  • 5/28 - Swift, KA100 and X30 JR are now on the NEW COMPOUND Evinco Hard tires.  Med tire classes are still on the old compound.
  • The front gate at Willow Springs charges an entrance fee of $15 per person (will be good for the whole weekend). This fee is in addition to the PKC pit pass fee for crew or family members that you pay to PKC/SKUSA.
  • NOTE: THERE IS NO CHARGE THIS EVENT for Pit Spots or Overnight Camping (Thursday thru Sunday night)
  • No reserved pit spots – all spaces are first come-first served, starting Thursday at 9 AM. Sponsors can contact PKC at 951-491-0808 to discuss priority parking for this event.
  • Please follow current CDC Guidelines on Social Distancing and Face Coverings
  • Please limit attendees to drivers and crew only.
  • We've changed the venue due to uncertainty in the opening of Auto Club Speedway.

California ProKart Challenge

Pushback Bumper System Clarification for Remaining 2017 Prokart Challenge Events in X30 Junior and Senior
Monday, 12 June 2017 15:56

X30 Senior and X30 Junior - In all official track sessions (practice, qualifying, heats and final) the Pushback system must be installed. Failure to have it installed in official practice sessions may result in the loss of practice sessions.

In qualifying, heat(s), and the final, each driver must enter the pre-grid or grid area with the front fairing detached from their kart. The mechanic or the driver himself/herself must mount the front fairing without the use of tools under the supervision of the grid steward(s). The fairing will be inspected for modification or excessive wear.

The use of a homologated front fairing and of the homologated front fairing mounting kit of the bodywork homologation period 2015 – 2020 is mandatory. The use of the KG mounting clamps is not required (as an example, OTK clamps are acceptable). But KG mounting clamps are highly recommended for their additional strength.

The front fairing (using the front fairing mounting kit) must be in the correct position at all times during a competition session. (see CIK Technical Drawings No. 2d and 2c)

  • The black flag with an orange disc will not be shown to a driver if his front fairing is no longer in the correct position.
  • If the front fairing on one or more karts is no longer in the correct position after the race, a time penalty of 10 seconds will be imposed automatically to the driver(s) concerned. This time penalty is not susceptible to appeal.
  • Should a driver or another party be found to have intentionally replaced or repositioned a dislodged front fairing to avoid detection by a grid steward, that competitor shall be immediately excluded from the day’s competition events.