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EVINCO and Texas Sprint Racing Series Navigate Seamless Transition to SKH2 Compounds
Sunday, 04 February 2024 08:39
Tom Kutscher, CEO of EVINCO (SuperkartsUSA), and Brittany Lobaugh, President of Texas Sprint Racing Series (TSRS), jointly declare a united effort to ensure a smooth transition to the SKH2 tire compound. With a shared commitment to fairness and excellence, both Tom and Brittany are dedicated to overseeing this changeover seamlessly.
Leveraging Thomas Kutscher's leadership at EVINCO and its legacy of innovation, alongside Brittany Lobaugh's expertise steering Texas Sprint Racing Series, the collaboration aims to facilitate the introduction of the SKH2 tire compound. The primary objective is to ensure equitable access to the new compound across all racing classes while maximizing the use of the existing tire supply.  
In conjunction with this collaboration, specific tires have been designated for each class for Round 1 of the TSRS Championship:
  • Kid Kart: MG SH Tire or Evinco SKH (no tire purchase required)
  • Swift and Cadet: Evinco SKH2
  • KA Masters: MG SH
  • KA JR and SR: Evinco SKH
  • LO206 JR, SR, and HY: Evinco SKH
 Updates may/will be made for Round 2 of the TSRS Championship in March**
This strategic allocation guarantees that each class has an ample supply of the designated tire compound for the initial event, fostering fairness, competitiveness, and a seamless transition amid the current inventory situation while utilizing the remaining SKH tire supply.
Both organizations remain steadfast in their commitment to providing educational resources to teams and drivers about the SKH2 tire compound. This proactive approach aims to empower participants with knowledge, deepening their understanding of the advantages offered by this innovative tire technology.