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supernationals 22 November 14-18, 2018
Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino
3700 W. Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, NV 89103
(866) 746-7671

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  • 11:16 8:50 AM - X30 Master Notice - Corrections were made to the ABCD groups published last night.  Corrected groups are below.
  • 11:15 9:15 PM - Mini Swift Notice - Corrections were made to published Mini ABCD groups so they have changed since earlier posting.  Corrected groups are below.  
  • 11:15 9:15 PM - Groups for Heats -  Mini A/B/C/D | X30 JR A/B/C/D | X30 SR A/B/C/D | X30 MS A/B/C/D (corrected)
  • 11:15 3:30 PM - Notice for Micro/Mini competitors : Your Main Events are now 18 Laps.
  • 11:14 10:00 PM - New Groups - Mini Q1/Q2 | X30 JR Q1/Q2 | X30 SR Q1/Q2 | X30 MS Q1/Q2
  • 11/14 3:33 PM - Notice to KZ competitors - Engine and Chassis declaration has been moved to the main tech area near scales.
  • 11/14 11:44 AMNotice to KA100 competitors - Due to a conflict with the Supplementary Rules and the latest version of the Rulebook we are issuing a correction regarding spark plugs that are allowed. These plugs are allowed: NGK B10EG, NGK BR10EG, NGK R6252K-105, NGK R6254K-105. I apologize for the confusion. John Motley, Superkarts USA, National Technical Director


IKF and IAME USA Confirm Details Of An Unprecedented $25,000 Triple Crown Cash Prize Pool in Conjunction With Upcoming Grandnationals
Wednesday, 29 August 2018 07:01

With the 2018 IKF Sprint GrandNationals just days away, details have emerged regarding an unprecedented cash purse for IAME KA100 powered classes. The KPX Karting Championship, in partnership with the newly reformed IKF, have confirmed that winners of the KA100 classes at this year’s GrandNationals will be eligible to participate in the ‘Triple Crown Challenge.’

Any Junior and Senior driver who can win the IKF GrandNationals, the Streets of Lancaster Grand Prix, and the SKUSA SuperNationals is eligible for a $10,000 cash prize to commemorate the achievement. KA100 Master drivers need only win the IKF GrandNationals and the Streets of Lancaster to win a $5,000 prize.

“It’s a crazy idea, admittedly —” explained interim IKF president Tom Kutscher. “With the recent popularity and interest in the KA100 platform, we wanted to spice things up in a big way for the remaining big races left on the calendar.” KPX’s Kenny Manchester was equally optimistic. “Racing for a Duffy is no doubt one of the biggest goals of any IKF karter. But it’s rare, if ever, that grassroots racers get the opportunity to compete for the chance at real money,” Manchester added.

The details are simple. Drivers wishing to compete for the prize pool must meet age requirements, per current competition rulebooks. Drivers must also be pre-entered for all races. Walk-up entries will not be eligible for the triple crown prizes.

“It’s no secret the Grand Nationals got off to a shaky start this year with NTK’s cancellation,” IKF’s Tom Kutscher explained. “There’s a saying: If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten. Good, bad, or otherwise we’re trying a new direction with the GrandNationals format. Fewer classes. Fewer days. And now with this triple crown program — we’re trying to show we’re not looking past the grassroots racer. Giving them something special to strive for is just the beginning of what we see unfolding.

The 2018 2 and 4 cycle GrandNationals takes place this September 8th and 9th at the Fresno Fairgrounds. Participants will be racing for the famed ‘Duffy’ trophy and the ‘Screaming Eagle’ for fastest qualifying time. Classes are filling quickly, and we anticipate KA100 classes to reach capacity. Those who have not entered are strongly encouraged to do so to guarantee a spot in the running for the Triple Crown prize. Online entry and full event information is available by visiting: