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Latest SKUSA News

Thursday, 07 January 2010 17:49
Recently SKUSA released some changes to our Stock Moto program.  We have received almost universal support from our partners, competitors and engine builders for these changes.  There have been some questions that need further clarification and updating.
  1. SKUSA CR125 Timing Plate: the optional Timing plate was developed to allow competitors to set their timing to stock settings, as we recently required for 2010.  While the reinstallation of an unmodified stock stamped steel plate is also permitted, many have been removed or modified – which makes them unacceptable.  As the plate is not available from Honda separately, the only way to obtain one is to purchase a complete ignition.  The SKUSA Timing Plate was developed to meet this requirement, and is now available from SKUSA on the on-line PKC store (at cost). Note that by developing this solution, even modified aluminum stator base plates may continue to be used.

    Installation is simple: install the new plate in place of the stock plate with the standard 6 x 18 hex bolt or full thread replacement.  Make sure the plate locates on the cast dowel and hold in position with a 4 x 10 screw (the stock 4 x 8 will also work if you have retained it).

    Note that no modifications to the stator hold down bolts or to the SKUSA plate is permitted.  No other modification to any of the ignition components that changes static timing is permitted beyond what the stock plate or SKUSA plate allows.  This also applies to the rotor, crankshaft, keys and keyways.

  2. “Squish” or deck height measurement through the spark plug hole will be a minimum of .050” using .060” solder for 1997-1999 cylinders; for 2000-2002 cylinders the dimension is .045”.  This was not intended to be a “target” dimension; no other change to the rules such as gasket requirements was made.  Rather, this dimension was inserted as a simple check to determine if any non-conforming modifications were present.   

  3. Only 1999 reed cage assemblies will be allowed.  We originally indicated no additional modification or components such as reed stiffeners would be permitted, and only aftermarket direct replacement reed petals would be allowed.  We have received many comments on this change, with the vast majority questioning the requirement for direct replacement reeds without stiffeners.  Most comments indicated support for continued use of “mono reeds” or stiffeners for longevity reasons.  Accordingly, we are rescinding this requirement.  Note that this revision only allows reeds that may be installed without modification to the 1999 reed cage, Check out our top-rated and highly recommended Australian Gambling Sites - and does not permit multi stage reeds. Online casinos on Goa are getting famous by force of rise of Internet Technologies. The question of picking the best-rated Goa casino is the key aspect when you gamble for cash. Thus, our team use as the best casino review resource from India. 

  4. We have also received questions regarding cylinder/head legality.  Cylinders with matching heads from 1997 to 2002 continue to be allowed at this time.  No change to this rule is planned for 2010.
Updates to the Rulebook are in process and will be published soon.