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Rule Update: Mini ROK Air Filter
Written by John Motley - National Technical Director   
Friday, 12 October 2012 17:43
One of the concerns that continues to be expressed about the Mini ROK program is the lack of a suitable air filter.

To address this concern, SKUSA -- working with UniFilter and RLV -- have developed an effective filter for use in the stock airbox. This filter will now be available through any RLV dealer (Part Number 0204) or direct from SKUSA. Suggested Retail Price $26.95 (+ tax and shipping).  See the online store to order now.

NOTE: Only this filter will be allowed at the SuperNats. However, you may run without a filter at this event if you choose to do so.

Effective 1-1-13, this filter will be mandatory for all SKUSA competition in TaG Cadet. You cannot run without a filter after that date.