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About ProKart Challenge
ProKart Challenge ("PKC") made its debut in Southern California in January of 2005, and quickly established itself as "the place to race" by offering a competitively priced race day experience coupled with enhanced value across the board for all participants. For the 4 years of 2008-2011, SKUSA offered a ProKart North and a ProKart South regional series to challenge the growing base of racers in the two regions. Starting with the 2012 season, ProKart Challenge adjusted back to a single series in California -- running at tracks located mostly throughout So Cal -- to meet the needs of the challenged economy and base of racers searching for more a competitive yet safe racing environment. This season is looking strong -- and promises to be the best yet!

The Year-End Banquet

Besides racing, another PKC calling card has been the season-ending championship awards banquet. Held at various prestigious and exciting venues over the years, the PKC banquet is a celebrated part of the overall program. PKC continues to find ways, even in a tight economy, to give away amazing prizes -- including Free Entries to the SKUSA SuperNationals, racing trips to Italy and Brazil, lucrative merchandise prizes, and much more. Keep your eye on the website for more info about this year's season-ending banquet, along with the amazing championship and raffle prizes in the works all year long.

The PKC Team

The series principle and driving force behind ProKart Challenge is Tom Kutscher. Kutscher, a kart racer himself and the previous owner of the Anaheim, CA-based Extreme Karting, brings enthusiasm and commitment to the series he founded. Kutscher has been known for his passion for the sport as a driver and his close relationships with his customers over the years that he was a shop owner. In 2004, Kutscher was craving something more from the sport. Knowing that kart racing in Southern California was facing an uncertain future, he decided to do something about it. Realizing a healthy sport requires a constant flow of new participants, and with no local series giving the karter the right combination of excitement, classes that fit their abilities and plenty of seat time, Kutscher saw shifter kart ranks shrinking. 
As a business owner and driver, Kutscher knew that had to change. He understood that while some kart purchases were made for strictly recreational driving, deep down the majority of karters wanted to race, they just didn’t know where, how, or were in fact intimidated. Enter the idea for ProKart Challenge. No longer will aspiring racers or seasoned veterans have to face the quagmire of shoddy choices. There is now one clear choice, and it’s PKC. Says Kutscher about the series, "ProKart Challenge is frankly the realization of a dream, and I’m in it for the long haul. It’s an extension of my experiences in karting, which will translate into a challenging and enjoyable experience for the racer."  Now in its 12th season, Tom continues to grow and improve the series, as well as help duplicate it around the nation for the growing base of racers looking for the right formula -- called SKUSA. 
John Motley is the National Tech Director for PKC and SKUSA. Having driven his first kart in 1959 in Batavia, NY, John has many years of experience in the karting industry. In addition to being the national tech director for SKUSA, he is on the tech committees of both the IKF and WKA. He also owns Race Kart Engineering in Paso Robles. He’s even done consulting for Yamaha’s kart program, rounding out his background and experience and making him the best Tech Director in the U.S.!
Terry Bybee is the National Race Director for PKC and SKUSA. He hails out of Salt Lake City, Utah, and is admired for his calm and professional demeanor, as well as his commitment to the safety and consistent rule enforcement that SKUSA is famous for. Terry has been one of the driving forces in the Utah karting community as a Competitor, Promoter and Partner of the former Black Rock Raceway. He has been a SKUSA Regional Director for the Utah Region, Race Director for the Florida Winter Tour, and Head Flagger for various National Series. He still competes at the club level with the likes of 2011 SuperNationals XV S4 Champion, Bonnier Moulton. Terry's goals for the season are to continue to promote the safety of competition and to facilitate drivers learning the rules and how to compete fairly. Those who have dealt with Terry know that he is firm but fair, as well as consistent in the interpretation of the rules, and that safety and fair competition are his main focus. 
Tony Leone is PKC and SKUSA’s Director of Information Technology, and is the man behind the scenes, building and maintaining the website and setting up the scoring system at each race. Tony’s expertise and personality make him a valuable member of the team.  He also takes most of the photos at ProKart Challenge events, which are available at
Chris Ortenburger of Eyenovation Multimedia LLC creates and maintains visual marketing solutions for ProKart Challenge and SKUSA, as well as a variety of clients worldwide. It’s Eyenovation that is responsible for the visual flair that some deem PKC’s and SKUSA’s strongest asset off track. See the various series logos, website imagery and advertising campaigns for proof. In addition to maximizing the visual effect, it was Eyenovation’s key marketing strategies that helped launch the series in late 2004. For additional information regarding Eyenovation see:
Patti Kutscher, Tom’s wife, is the organization’s VP/Director of Administration and Registration. Patti and her crew are responsible for making each PKC and SKUSA event run smoothly and efficiently. Her entire team is an administrative powerhouse that contributes plenty of time and energy not only behind the scenes, but at the track as well. 

About Superkarts! USA

Superkarts! USA is the governing body over all SKUSA regional series. SKUSA’s mission is to deliver the complete racing experience, helping karters to bridge the gap between club racing and professional racing. SKUSA sanctions a number of regional series throughout the U.S., as well as national events such as the SKUSA Pro Tour SpringNationals at the end of April, the SummerNationals in July, and of course the SuperNationals in Las Vegas, NV every November.