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SuperNationals XXI Track And Venue Information

Track Map

SuperNats TrackMap


Pit/Venue Map

The new pit & venue layout for the 2017 SuperNationals at the Las Vegas Convention Center has been posted below. NOTE: There is no camping, RVs, or cooking allowed in the pits for this event.

SuperNats PitMap

As of 10/1/2017

Westgate Property Map

We are pleased to again bring you the Westgate Resort & Casino as our Host Hotel for this event. Click below for the Westgate property map. The track will be located in the lower right corner, right on the other side of Paradise Road.

Westgate Property Map

Shipping Information
If you need to have something sent directly to Vegas for the Supernats, the Westgate Hotel has graciously agreed to accept packages on your behalf. However, their business center hours and charges will apply, and you will need to make arrangements to pay for, pick up, and transport your packages across the street to the event.

Shipping Information


Food Services & Catering

SKUSA has arranged to have food and beverage vendors on site for this event, per Convention Center rules. There are also VERY strict rules about bringing in these items. Click here for more details, especially if you need to arrange catering for your team or guests

Catering Menu and Information

Food Truck Schedule


Event Schedule

A tentative Event Schedule has been posted on the Event Format and Schedule page. The final schedule will be given out at the track, and any further adjustments from the printed schedule will be announced.

Spectator Tickets

Spectator passes are available for $25 per day or $60 for the entire event. These passes include access to the driver and team pit areas, thus enriching the spectator experience through up close contact with the drivers and crew. For additional access to the grid and scale areas, Hot Pit passes are available for $75. However, these are for mechanics only (over the age of 18), and each driver is allowed a maximum of 2 per race entry. Passes will be sold on site throughout the event at the same prices.  You can purchase any of these passes on the Pit Passes and Will Call page.

Kids 5 and under are FREE admission -- they just need to be accompanied/signed in on our insurance waiver by a parent or legal guardian and get a wristband from the Registration table upon arrival.


Vehicles in the Pits

Due to insurance restrictions and safety purposes, SKUSA has updated the following rules for this year’s event:
  • NO golf carts will be allowed in the pits during this event. Bikes are only allowed for engine builders (and those who have received a special access pass from the Registration Desk or SKUSA operations personnel).
  • NO skateboards, scooters, mopeds, motorcycles – motorized or not – will be allowed to be moving in the pits at all during this event.
  • Anyone caught violating these rules or moving in an unsafe manner at all during this event will be subject to confiscation of their vehicle and/or possible expulsion from the premises.
  • Persons with disabilities will be given a waiver on these rules as long as the vehicle is displaying the relevant disabled placard and an authorized access pass from SKUSA registration or operations personnel.
  • Anyone caught allowing another person to use their handicap vehicle or pass will lose the privilege at this and future events.
  • A limited designated handicap parking area is located in the pit area. Persons who have their handicap placard and matching identification are to check in at registration for directions.
  • Anyone using commercial transportation (Taxi, Uber, Lyft) are to instruct the driver to drop you off at the Westgate, or the AM PM Mini Mart just outside the main gate. No commercial transportation is allowed inside the main entrance.  

SuperNationals XXI Policies and Procedures Regarding Clark County Fire Ordinances

Superkarts! USA, in accordance with the Las Vegas Convention Center and Clark County Fire Department, is posting these policies and procedures to assure that you are in compliance with all ordinances with regards to fuel handling and storage, as well as some basic safety policies that will benefit all who attend SuperNationals XXI.
  • Tight restrictions from the Clark County Fire Department mean ABSOLUTELY NO FUEL IS ALLOWED TO BE BROUGHT INTO THE PITS. Trailers will be turned away and sent off-site if fuel is found on board. The only exception is 5 or less gallons of generator fuel per trailer (and a minimal amount in kart fuel tanks).
  • Storage, mixing and transfer of all racing fuel is to take place within the confines of the Fuel Farm ONLY. Any fuel found in the pit area, tents or trailers will be confiscated. Oil is okay.
  • All pit areas are required to have readily available a minimum of one (1) 5-lb ABC-type fire extinguisher per every 400 square feet. Competitors with trailers over 20-ft long must also have a minimum of one (1) 20-lb type ABC fire extinguisher. See SKUSA Rule
  • All Non-Smoking areas will be clearly posted and compliance will be strictly enforced.
  • No karts are to be started within the confines of a tented pit space. If you wish to start your kart you may do so by simply pushing the kart out into an aisle.
  • All generator fuel is to be stored in approved containers only and stored outside tented/enclosed pit areas and trailers (minimum of 5 feet from any enclosure).
  • Generators must be placed at a minimum of 20 feet from any enclosed area, unless built into a trailer. Generators must be powered down prior to refueling.
  • All welding, gas cutting or burning must be done in a designated area defined by SKUSA.
  • Any compressed gas (i.e., Acetylene, Oxygen, and Nitrogen) must be stored in an upright position and chained to a rigid fixture such as a tent post or wall of a trailer.
  • All fluids that are drained from any kart or generator are to be captured and disposed of off-site at a designated fluid recovery station. This is the competitor’s responsibility.
  • Open fires are prohibited everywhere on the Westgate & Convention Center property. No propane heaters inside tents.
  • Absolutely NO open flame devices may be used or operated within or closer than 5 feet from any tent, trailer or structure of any kind. This includes but is not limited to: propane heaters, torches, and cigarette lighters. No BBQs or cooking devices of any kind are allowed. Contact the SKUSA office regarding the special catering rules for this event.
  • All fire lanes must be kept clear at all times. Any vehicle and/or property blocking a fire lane may be towed/removed without owner’s notice.
Superkarts! USA appreciates your compliance with all of the above policies. Together, our awareness and compliance will help provide all of us with the safest environment possible. As always, feel free to ask any SKUSA official at the event any questions you may have regarding these policies and procedures.