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Pit Spots Reservations & Tent Rentals for SuperNats 19
As always, we are working at warp speed here at SKUSA headquarters trying to prepare for this event – officially the largest karting event to be held in the world every year!

We are excited to be working with the Las Vegas Convention Center at our new Supernats venue -- located in the parking lot across the street from the Westgate Hotel & Casino. And with more than 500 racers expected, our goal is to fit everyone in as efficiently as possible, while giving the drivers and teams maximum exposure and minimum exertion.

PLEASE read these directions carefully and submit your pit spot requests (and questions) in writing only! Email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or fax to 951-491-0809. We will attempt to acknowledge receipt of your pit request (and answer questions) within 24-48 hours. If you don’t receive a confirmation of your fax or email, please call 951-491-0808 to confirm (and leave a message if we do not answer).

Food Services & Catering

SKUSA has arranged to have food and beverage vendors on site for this event, per Convention Center rules. Click here for more details, and especially if you need to arrange catering for your team or guests. NOTE: There are strict rules about bringing in these items.

Rental Tents

NOTE: Source 1 Events (formerly Nevada Tent) is again our EXCLUSIVE tent rental company. NO OTHER TENT VENDORS WILL BE ALLOWED ON SITE. Their contact info is below. They also have additional rental items -- like tables, chairs, linens, and rental equipment. Contact them ASAP to order what you will need, based on your requested pit space. We will work with them to finalize the size and location of your rental tent.


Our usual TIGHT restrictions from the Clark County Fire Department means ABSOLUTELY NO FUEL IS ALLOWED TO BE BROUGHT INTO THE PITS. ALL Trailers will be inspected and turned away (or parked off-site) if fuel is found on board. The only exception is 5 or less gallons of generator fuel per trailer (and a minimal amount in kart fuel tanks). All fuel/oil needed for this event will be sold on site and stored in the fuel barn.

Additionally, Please refer to SKUSA rulebook update10. with regards to Fire Extinguishers, as these rules will be strictly enforced: “Fire Extinguishers: Every entrant’s pit area shall have a minimum of one 5-lb type ABC rated fire extinguisher for every 400 square feet of pit area. Fire extinguishers must be visible and accessible at all times. Competitors with trailers over 20-ft long shall have a minimum of one 20-lb type ABC fire extinguisher for the trailer in addition to one 5-lb unit for each 400 square feet of pit area. All competitors within a pit area that are found to be noncompliant at an event will be removed from competition until in compliance.

A Pit Spot Drawing is Mandatory

For every driver and/or team needing a pit spot, if you know EXACTLY how much space you will need for your pit spot, AND IF ALL DRIVERS IN YOUR PIT SPOT ARE ALREADY REGISTERED for the race, you are ready to submit your pit request. Please fax (or scan and email) a complete drawing to the SKUSA office. What your drawing must include is described below, AND WILL BE REJECTED IF IT IS INCOMPLETE. If you are faxing a drawing, it’s a good idea to call to verify receipt. Fax # again is 951-491-0809 and phone # again is 951-491-0808. Please do not send a note that just says, “I want what I had last year.” All pit layout details, including a complete driver list, AND ANY SPECIAL REQUESTS must be submitted IN WRITING for approval. The general area pits are mostly rows of spots 10’W x 40’D, although there are a few sections that vary in size. Your drawing MUST reflect multiples of these areas AS WELL AS SPECIFY YOUR TOP 3 PREFERRED LOCATIONS by row and space number.

SuperNats PitMap

As of 11/14/2015

Revised Pit Spot Pricing and Sizes for 2015

Pricing for pit spots will be AS FOLLOWS:
  • $1.00/SF for the front row around the track (i.e., A1-10, B1-22, C1-17, E1-40 – priority goes to sponsors, special patrons and largest teams)
  • $.75/SF for the 2nd row around the track (i.e., A11-30, B23-42, C18-34, E41-74)
  • $.50/SF for the 3rd thru 5th row (section A-C) and for the 3rd row (section D & E) around the track (i.e., A31-47, C35-51, D45-66)
  • $.35/SF for the F section and the last row in the E section

Pit Request Submittals

Here are the items to include on your PIT REQUEST drawing:

Note: All items below must be addressed and completed in order for Superkarts to consider your pit request as valid.
  • Full layout – with dimensions in feet – of your total pit area. PLEASE BE EXACT, AND DO NOT REQUEST MORE SPACE THAN YOU TRULY NEED. You will most likely not be able to add space when you arrive. Please add a directional arrow for where the track will be in relation to your pit.
  • Include where tents will go, trailers (only if they need to be within your pit), E-Z ups, VIP area, etc within your pit spot. PLEASE ADVISE IF WE CAN PARK YOUR TRAILER SEPARATE FROM YOUR PIT.
  • Include space for trailer doors, especially if you will need to be able to open and close them during the event or leave them open to retrieve parts.
  • Include a list of the drivers that will be pitting in your pit spot. NOTE: They all must be registered before we can confirm your pit spot.
  • Include the pit requester’s name and the best daytime contact info (phone and email).
  • If the person who is responsible for parking the trailer is different from the requester, please provide us with that person’s name and cell number as the point of contact on site.
  • Tell us whether you’ll be renting a tent, bringing your own, or both. Show tent opening (s) on your drawing, especially in relation to trailers.
  • When creating your drawing, assume your pit spot may be surrounded on three sides and access to your pit may only be from one side.
  • There is absolutely NO overnight camping in the pits, so please do NOT bring an RV or plan for one in your pit spot. Toy haulers will be allowed as pit vehicles, but overnight camping is not allowed. Violators will be removed from the premises.

Exclusive Tent Vendor: Source 1 Events

The EXCLUSIVE rental tent vendor is Source 1 Events (formerly Nevada Tent & Events). They will be installing tents on a first ordered-first installed basis. An “Early Bird discount” of $1.00 per square foot will be applied to all orders received and paid by 11/5/2015. All orders placed or paid after 11/5 will be charged at the premium rate of $1.50 per square foot.

Source 1 Events (formally Nevada Tent)
Jerica Byrne is again the main contact for Supernats 19
102 Cassia Way
Henderson, NV 89014
Office (702) 795-7772
Fax (702) 795-4727
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Other Rental Equipment

Due to insurance reasons, any teams choosing to rent other items for their pit spot, like generators, must notify Superkarts! USA, as these rental items must be secured through our operations department. Please send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or call 951-491-0808.

Pit Move-In/Move-Out

Pit move in will begin on Sunday November 15th for the big rigs ONLY (Big Rigs are defined as 40’ trailers or larger), and Monday, the 16th for everyone else. Full move-in must be complete by Tuesday evening, Nov. 17th at 6pm. Pits will be closed and no further pitting or placement of trailers will take place after this time, as practice starts Wednesday morning, the 18th (without prior approval from SKUSA).

Move out will begin Sunday night, Nov. 22nd at approx. 6:30pm (conclusion of awards ceremony), and must be complete by 5pm on Monday, Nov. 23rd. If you need access to the pit area beyond these hours, contact the SKUSA office immediately, preferably via email at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

NOTE: Due to insurance regulations and permit stipulations enforced by Clark County, no unauthorized vehicles are allowed to move within the pit area – and all lanes must remain open and unobstructed – while the track is hot. Additionally, NO early move-out can take place. In order to secure personal belongings and safety, the pit area will be locked down during the award ceremony on Sunday evening. Pit move out will begin promptly at the conclusion of the ceremony. Any violation of this policy will affect future participation in any and all Superkarts! USA events.

Pit Spot Confirmation/Billing

We will be in touch to confirm each pit reservation submitted, and will secure payment with you when we have you placed on the pit map.

Sponsor/Vendor Spots Are Available

Any interested sponsors or vendors that have not already been in contact with the SKUSA head office, please call or send an email immediately to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  to get pricing/availability on sponsor/front row pit spots and/or vendor row display booths.

See you all in Vegas!
Last Updated on Saturday, 14 November 2015 11:48