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EKN Exclusive: SKUSA SuperNationals XIX – Preview Series – KZ2
Saturday, 14 November 2015 00:00

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There is no sound, no smell, and no speed like it. The KZ powerplant is among the quickest machines in the sport of karting, zipping through the six-speed gearbox, slamming down the gears under intense braking, and amazing drivers behind the wheel showcasing just how awesome karting is. Every year, North America gets to enjoy the best the sport has to offer competing in the KZ2 division, the first of three headline divisions at the SuperNationals XIX.

The field this year is unique, and missing some regular names we have become accustom to seeing. No Abbasse, no Ardigo, no Lammers, no Thonon. These drivers have combined to win the last seven KZ2 victories prior to Paolo de Conto’s triumph a year ago. This makes Paolo and American Gary Carlton as the only previous winners in the field.  Read full story of
EKN Exclusive: SKUSA SuperNationals XIX – Preview Series – S2 Semi-Pro
Friday, 13 November 2015 10:54

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Year after year, the S2 Semi-Pro Stock Moto category continues to produce the best racing throughout the Fikse Wheels Pro Tour season. Thanks to the Superkarts! USA ladder system, young drivers and returning drivers are able to mold themselves into the best shifterkart drivers possible, and feel what it takes to be the best before taking on the very best in the S1 category. Up from the S5 ranks, a number of young drivers are making a name for themselves with solid performances at the SpringNationals and SummerNationals. Now, as we had to the biggest event of the season, someone will enter their name into the history books as the next S2 SuperNationals winner. Read full story on
EKN Exclusive: SKUSA SuperNationals XIX – Preview Series – TaG Master
Thursday, 12 November 2015 09:18

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They may not be the fastest, they may not be the best looking, but there is one thing you can’t take away from the TaG Master drivers at the SuperNationals – they have a passion for racing. Since 2008, the category has sold out with 40 or more drivers, including this year as the first class to reach the class cap in just 48 hours of opening registration. Each and every year, SuperSunday seems to be a dog fight among some of the best drivers from around the world over the age of 30. Nearly half of the 2015 field were competitors at last year’s event at the Rio with a good handful of the drivers making their first TaG Master start at the SuperNationals. Read full story on
EKN Exclusive: SKUSA SuperNationals XIX – Preview Series – S4 Master
Wednesday, 11 November 2015 00:00

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Karting is a sport for all ages, and Superkarts! USA understands that with the offering of the Master categories since its early days. Under the latest era of SKUSA, the S4 Master Stock Moto has become a who’s who of former ProMoto Tour days and ushering in a new crop of drivers that we saw in their younger years in the early 2000s. This year’s field is stacked with talent once again, with nearly half of the 59 drivers qualifying for the 40-kart grid on SuperSunday in 2014. The Super Master division was introduced on the regional level in 2015, with 1/3 of the drivers qualified by their over 45-years of age including former SuperNationals winners. As the category progresses, Superkarts! USA is sure to be promoting and recognizing these drivers at the SuperNationals in 2015 and beyond.  Read full story on
EKN Exclusive: SKUSA SuperNationals XIX – Preview Series – S5 Junior
Tuesday, 10 November 2015 09:30

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The Superkarts! USA ladder system established in 2010 for the Fikse Wheels Pro Tour has helped to create a pool of shifterkart drivers for today and into the future. The first step on the path is the S5 Junior Stock Moto category, created in 2007. While not enjoying the large fields like TaG Cadet or TaG Junior, each year develops the future and now current stars of the S2 and S1 categories in SKUSA competition. This year’s crop of young drivers are all coming in with the goal of gaining experience for their future, and if possible, enjoy the thrill of standing on the podium at the SuperNationals in Las Vegas.

2014 SuperNationals S5 winner Raul Guzman became the first Mexican driver to win in the category, and the eighth different winner in the eight years it has competed at the Las Vegas spectacular. Graduated to the S2 division in 2015, the top position of the SuperNationals podium is no vacant, waiting for the next young talent to take the position. Read full story on

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